Dr David Dunn

Dr David Dunn

Brian Walters is a Master Ceramist of the highest order. Brian is recognized as a teacher and Master Ceramist both here in Australia, and around the world. He is a member of the very select and prestigious International Oral Design Group and has also been recognized as an Opinion Leader for Ivoclar, a leader in the field of ceramic and other dental technologies.

I have worked closely with Brian, as my ceramist, for well over 20 years, in undertaking a wide range of prosthodontics treatments from difficult single teeth through to complex full mouth tooth-supported and implant-supported rehabilitations. I believe Brian is one of a select few ceramists around the world who can combine a depth of experience and technical knowledge with highly attuned artistic skills.

Each patient is an individual, and an appropriate aesthetic prescription needs to reflect not only on the patient’s needs and wants, but multiple aesthetic and functional parameters, to create a smile design that is in harmony with that patient’s personality traits. One of Brian’s great strengths lies in his ability to individualise and personalise each case, for each and every patient.

We have been very fortunate in working together with Christian Coachman and Digital Smile Design from its initial conception, and together, see this as an important and essential communication tool to help achieve excellence in our cases. Brian and his team of dedicated professionals provide the highest standards of dental technology for those clinicians looking for distinction and preeminence in their patient treatment.